Sick of the same old celebration year after year? Treat your friends and family to a birthday that won’t be forgotten. If you have a mix of friendship groups or friends of different ages this is the perfect party for you! There will be no more standing around and making small talk – your guests will get to know one another in a fun environment where they will be weaving through The Rocks solving intellectual puzzles, participating in team challenges and playing games.


Your guests will be organised into teams pre-determined by you. A typical hunt will see teams completing a series of challenges with each challenge providing a subsequent destination. The final destination can be a pub, restaurant or local park for you to continue the party.
Our scavenger hunts can be tailored to your groups needs and challenges on your hunt can include a mix of the following:

• Team building activities
• Physical challenges
• Mental challenges
• Visiting local vendors including pubs and shops
• Exploring The Rocks locality and historic sites

A ten challenge hunt is expected to take approximately 2.5 to 3 hours to complete. We can cater for all ages and group sizes ranging from 30 to 200 people.

Visit our Example Events & Pricing page for a more detailed event outline and prices.


Contact us to discuss the best Scavenger Hunt for you. We’ll come back with a quote and a day’s itinerary.

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