Every one of our events is different as we customise the route and challenges to the needs of each client.  Our price per head generally decreases with more participants and increases with more complex challenges. A typical scavenger hunt comprises of three stages:

• The Launch Pad
• The Hunt
• The Final location

Each stage has a range of options to suit every budget, with prices starting at $50/ head. Base packages include the following items (per team):

• Insurances
• Council approval fee's
• A custom SSH tote bag filled with goodies
• Team colours

• Bottled water
• Snacks
• SSH treat token

Refer to our Event Framework below for options during each of the hunt stages.

Event Framework

SSH_Event Skeleton_2

The Launch Pad

The launch pad is the gathering point for all participants where our SSH staff will give key information and distribute items required for your hunt. For corporate packages we recommend this happens at your office. Catering can be provided at an added cost. For charity and private events we recommend a local park or pub in the Rocks.

The Hunt

The hunt typically comprises of 10 challenges which are broken down into three types (listed in ascending order of price):

Type 1: Solve a riddle or clue to lead you to a famous site. You will be instructed to send a photo of your team or tell us something about this site (response is via whatsapp).

Type 2: Solve a riddle or clue to lead you to an eatery or shop where you will be required to buy something and the vendor will hand you your next clue.

Type 3: Solve a riddle or clue to lead you to a public place. Here you will undertake a team building challenge which will be hosted by a number of our SSH staff.

A typical balanced event may comprise of 4 x Type 1, 2 x Type 2 and 3 x Type 3 challenges with the last challenge leading you to the final destination.

The Final Destination

The final destination is where teams will reconvene to discuss the days activities over a meal or glass of wine. Prizes will also be awarded to the winning team.

For the cheapest solution, re-convene at your office or a local park. Alternatively we can help your group in booking a private venue or restaurant.

Next Steps...

Contact us to discuss the best Scavenger Hunt for you. We’ll come back with a quote and a day’s itinerary.

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